150 Campers Attend Ish Smith Camp in Southfield

July 16th, 2018

Ish Autograph

The much anticipated Ish Smith camp tipped off today at the Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield as 150 campers gathered to learn from a true, NBA point guard.  “The thing about Ish Smith is that he is 100% genuine,” commented Camp Director Geo Thomas, “He is as humble as he is talented.  And his camp messages reflect that.”

Camp took off as normal with pre-season games in 5-on-5.  Coaches were busy evaluating talent and making teams as equal as possible.  Regular season games will commence starting Tuesday with the trade deadline set as 2pm Wednesday.

Regular season did commence in the 4-Ball competition where teams played between 2-3 games.  There were some pretty solid scores as it looks like Eastern Michigan might be the team to catch as they posted a 3-0 record on day one.  However, Indiana posted the day’s top score with a very impressive score of 112.  For a recap on all the 4-Ball scores, click here: Ish Smith 4-Ball

In the free-throw competition, five players tallied a perfect score:  Evan Haenick, Alexandria Triantos, Ryan Bettie, Sitting and SmilingWyatt Miller and Andrew Khiralla will be tough to beat.  However, point values will increase Tuesday so it is possible for shooters to go from worst to first! Here are the FT Standings for White and Blue Divisions: Ish Smith Camp FT Scores

Other players making names for themselves were Xan Scheinfield who showed great leadership abilities in 5-on-5 and on his 4-Ball team.  “We love seeing players take a leadership role right off the tip,” said Coach Dan Thomas, “Xan and several other players in our division were outstanding today.”

Others who were recognized for working hard today were Will Wang, Jordan Thomas, Krisha Ramani, Jake Fellet and Katie Coenjarts.


One of the questions that Ish Smith was asked today was “What do you do to prepare for games?”  Ish gave three answers.  Name one of the three answers he gave!

If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper or index card and turn it in at check-in tomorrow morning.  Correct answers will be placed into a drawing for a $50 Nike Gift Card.



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