3-on-3 Tournament Result

December 12th, 2016

will rocco kenny

Hosted at Franklin Athletic Club, The Detroit Pistons brought back their annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament for 3rd-8th grade players. Centered around competitive play,  the tournament end up with 3o+ teams in 3 separate division.  See below for a quick recap of each division.

Boys 3rd-4th Division

In the Red Division there were 10 teams competing for the number spot in the tournament and after 17 games the top two teams in the finals were Sky’s the Limit Black vs The Fab 4.  To see who won the Red Division finals check out the live replay here.

Boys 5th-6th Division

The White Division was by far the most competitive with 9 high skilled teams that faced off in 16 games.  In the end it came down to Elite 4 squaring off against Sky’s The Limit White.  The Championship game end with a final score of 22-6 in favor of Elite 4, they relied on good ball movement and team defense in the  game to win.

Boys 7th-8th Division

The Blue Division consisted of 12 teams from all areas of Michigan which added a different aspect to the tournament.  21 games were played before the finals match-up of Team Harambe vs. The Bolts.  Team Harambe was on a 3 game winning-streak entering the game, while the bolts remained undefeated in the tournament.  In the end the Bolts came out on top as the Blue Division Champions.

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