August 7th, 2018


The Pistons Academy Summer Basketball Camp, powered by Kroger, returned to SELCRA this week as 91 campers attended this week long camp at Brighton High School.

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Tommy, Adam and Kevin are ties for first in the FT Contest
Tommy, Adam and Kevin are tied for first in the FT Contest


The Free-Throw Contest advanced today resulting in a 3-way tie for first with many other shooters close behind.  The top 64 campers in the Blue and White Divisions will compete in the “Big Bracket” Tournament on Friday.  In the Red Division, players will also compete in tournament play on Friday.  Point values for Wednesday’s FT Contest will increase allowing players to go from “worst” to “first”  Here are the FT Blue/White FT Scores through Tuesday:  FT Standings WB
Red Division  FT Scores: Red Div. FT Scores

In the 4-Ball Games, there wasn’t much changing of positions but Michigan State and Harvard got their first wins of the week and the Walruses took over first in the Luke Kennard Division.  Here are the 4-Ball Standings: 4-Ball Standings

In the Red Division Skill Stations, Drew Smith (14pts) has a slight lead over Preston Kennedy (13pts).  The competition will heat up on Wednesday with round three.  Here are Coach beth’s Skill Station Scores: Red Station Leaders

Several campers made their names known Tuesday by working extra hard and playing the game the right way.  Including:

Brady Trombley (Blue division).  Says Coach Bryce:  “Brady’s four ball team showed significant improvement today, they beat their previous high score with each consecutive game they played. Brady also played great defense in his 5 on 5 games, communicating off the ball and shutting down opposing players.”

From Red Division Coach Beth Mac: “My player of the day is Braden Kusma because of his fantastic attitude and hustle. Even when his team is down he takes accountability and gets things done. Great leader and great hustle.”

Also from Red Division Coach, Jake Thomas:  “Xavier Lowe was my player of the day because he outworked the entire camp in the blitz.  He really pushed it hard and on top of that he showed great sportsmanship today by shaking other camper’s hands and saying good game.”

Finally, from Coach Geo, “I was very impressed with Anna Orow. She is very fundamentally sound and is always the first player breaking on offense or getting back on defense. She does all the little things that helps a team win.  She was outstanding today.”


Two-Time NBA Champion and former Detroit Piston Earl Cureton spoke today about a number of things.  What did he say was his largest accomplishment? (Choose one):

A- Winning the NBA Championship with Houston
B- Winning the NBA Championship with Detroit
C-Winning NBA Championship with Philadelphia
D- Going back to school and graduating from College
E- Playing with Michael Jordan
F- Dunking on Patrick Ewing

If you think you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check in.  Correct answers will go in a drawing for some cool autographed posters. Be sure to put your name on it


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