IMG_2806Amazing experience for Christian! She started her basketball journey with Pistons academy in 5th grade and it’s been a great foundation for her since. Keep up the great work Pistons Academy!




Future EliteWow! This was definitely something Mack and the rest of our family will never forget! Mike and I keep saying over and over that signing Mack up for the Pistons camp has been the best decision we have made yet for her. We appreciate your dedication to developing these young players!
             MICHELLE R. – SOUTH LYON, MI


My son absolutely loves these camps! This program ignited his love for basketball and even after camp he comes home and plays more!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 


37060410_1591569884303537_5543197290295984128_o I have two sons attending the Pistons Academy this week. I wanted to quick reach out and comment on the experience. Before I do, I want to say that my boys have attended several basketball camps at all levels and price points. I coach a couple of the boys teams for MBA and oversee the youth sports programming for one of the main school districts in GR. There are so many good things to highlight but I will try to limit it to a few. You have an AWESOME staff that is all on the same page. They are all consistent in how and what they coach and do it with a level of energy that is contagious. There is a heavy emphasis on doing things the RIGHT way. So many camps we attended are glorified playground ball and there are no corrections on mistakes and no emphasis on team ball.  So many camps are quick to say, “we only have these kids for a week and can’t make that much of a difference or it’s not our problem.” Your staff has taken this opportunity to correct, direct, and develop these players. I am so grateful that I gave this camp a try and really hope that you make your way back to GR next year. Not only will I sign up my kids, but will recommend it to not just my teams, but also all the families that come to me and as for recommendations.


” The Pistons Academy summer camps are the perfect combination of fun and skill development. The coaches do an amazing job creating an encouraging environment which in turn teaches the kids to be encouraging teammates. We will be back for all camps next year that we can fit in our schedule/geographic area. This is our 2nd year attending, our kids LOVE every second of camp!! Thanks Pistons Academy!! 


Hi there, my son attended your b-ball camp this week at royal oak middle school. I just wanted to tell you my kid had a great time and really loved the camp. I’ve put him in quite a few b-ball camps over the past couple of years and this one was by far the best one. It was so well organized and ran so smoothly. I could see the excitement all the kids and coaches showed. I think it was great to see the coaches bringing the energy with the kids. You ran a great camp and I will definitely spread the word and I look forward to signing him up every summer for this camp. So thanks again and great job running the camp!” 


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