Elite Skills Camp in Southfield

August 9th, 2017

ELite  camp photo

The 3rd annual Pistons Academy Elite skills camp is showcasing a lot of talent with 70 plus campers in attendance.  Focusing on advanced fundamental campers have been competing at a high level each day.  Listed below are a few campers that stood out in games and stations as well as the camp top 10 free throw shooters.


IMG_1666River Whitmore: River is a 6th grader at Our Lady Victory  Middle school, and the winner of the  Elite Skills Respect player of the Day.  River has been a great camper all week is always say please and thank and is helpful to the coaches in camp, Said Coach Alex. River wants to play in the NBA when he grows up and his favorite Pistons Player is Andre Drummond


IMG_1657Grace Main: Grace is a 6th grader at West Hills Middle School and is quickly emerging as one of the best defenders in camp.  “We’ve made it halfway through the week and I can say that Grace has grown to be the best defender in the White Division, said Coach Justin. Grace’s favorite Pistons player is Avery Bradley and she wants to be teacher when she grows up.


IMG_1660Kenneth Bridgewater:  KB is a 5th grader at West Hills Middle School and is know in camp for his energetic play on the court.  “KB is a consistent player that is compete on the floor non-stop said Coach Miles.  KB’s favorite artist is Bruno Mars and he wants to be a Baseball player when he grows up.



IMG_1658Aleyah Montgomery: Aleyah is visiting from Minnesota , she is a 6th grader in camp that likes to play 5-on-5 basketball in camp and throughout the year.   her favorite artist is Taylor Swift, and when she grows up she wants to be a nurse.



Top 15 Free Throw Standings

1.       Coopes Connor 58
2.       Tappan Alexander 58
3.       Walker Drake 56
4.       Forner James 53
5.       Sanders Christian 53
6.       Oberly Jack 52
7.       Peterson Liam 49
8.       Lawrence Henry 48
9.       Kleinfeldt Caleb 47
10.   McLaughlin Elliott 47
11.   Turner Caleb 47
12.   Clemens Blake 45
13.   Hollier Phoenix 45
14.   Ryke Jaden 44



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