Fall League Recap – Birmingham/Southfield – Oct. 26-27

October 29th, 2018

HPOTW - Myles

BOX SCORES & STANDINGS – Birmingham-Southfield – Oct. 26-27

Detroit Hustle Player of the Week

Congratulations to Myles Rontal of the College Division Broncos on being named the “Detroit Hustle Player of the Week.” Myles toughness and determination was on display all game long!


Friday, October 26th, Berkshire Middle School

ANGELS 21, FIREBIRDS 5: The Angels remained unbeaten behind 6 points from Brooke Brown and 5 points from Jacey Roy. The Firebirds (1-2) were led by Natalie Weissman (3 points) and Erin Sheckell (2 points). Sloane Popov added 4 points for the Angels, who are now 3-0 on the season.

CRUSH 24, REBELS 24: It was a shame this game had to end, as Friday night’s thriller between the Crush (0-2-1) and Rebels (1-1-1) ended in a tie. Londyn Hall scored a game-high 12 points for the Crush. The Rebels were led by Tess Tillman, Hanna Gable and Parus Dhillon, who each scored 6 points.


Saturday, October 27th, Berkshire Middle School

RAVENS 19, KNIGHTS 16: The Ravens moved to 2-3 on the season with the victory over the Knights, who fell to 1-4. Isaiah Mahdi scored 8 points and Saba Pachulia chipped in 5 points for the Ravens. The Knights were led by Lance Kukes (8 points) and Ziv Ferber (4 points).

RAIDERS 18, FALCONS 14: The Raiders continued their winning ways as they downed the Falcons on Saturday, moving to 4-1 on the season and claiming the top spot in the Prep Division. Ferran Domingo-Portet scored 8 points and Taye McKinney added 6 points to lead the Raiders. The Falcons (3-2) were led Zackary Kozouz’s 6 points and Kannon Shore’s 5 points.


Friday, October 26th, Berkshire Middle School

SPARTANS 30, CHIPPEWAS 20: The Spartans wrapped up the 2nd seed in the College East Division with their win over the weekend. Landon McKinney led the Spartans (4-2) with 12 points and David Moulder Jr. added 6 points. The Chippewas (2-4) were led by Aaron Robinson’s 11 points and Henry Weiss’ 6 points.

Saturday, October 27th, Berkshire Middle School

HOYAS 37, WOLVERINES 9: The Hoyas picked up their 2nd win of the season in impressive fashion, improving to 2-4 on the year. Eli Yen scored a game-high 18 points, with Joey Hesano adding 9 points and Evan Sachs chipping in 8 points. The Wolverines (2-4) were led by Will Fedor’s 8 points.

HUSKIES 40, BRONCOS 14: Jonathan Schwartz and Chase Kukes both scored 12 points, leading a balanced attack for the Huskies (5-1), who wrapped up the #1 seed in the College East Division. Mikias McKinney also reached double figures for the Huskies, as they became the first College Division team this season to have 3 players reach double figures in scoring. The Broncos, who fell to 1-5, were led by Mason Rothschild (5 points), Myles Rontal (4 points, Hustle Player of the Week Award) and Bryan Pohl (4 points).

HOOSIERS 30, WILDCATS 26: The Hoosiers picked up their 3rd straight win, knocking off the previously unbeaten Wildcats. Quran Creary (11 points), Omari Pointer (7 points) and Aidan French (6 points) led the Hoosiers (3-3). For the Wildcats, who fell to 5-1 on the season, Ari Blank scored 11 points.

College Division Playoff Schedule


Friday, October 26th, Berkshire Middle School

BULLS 26, BLAZERS 22: Jalen Palmer scored 9 points and Alex Hesano added 7 points for the Bulls (4-2). The Blazers winning streak ended at 2 games, as they fell to 2-4 for the season. Adam Shewcraft and Braeden Logsdon each scored 9 points for the Blazers.

Saturday, October 27th, Berkshire Middle School

PISTONS 37, CELTICS 35: The Pistons managed to pull off the biggest upset of the Pro Division season, as they picked up their first win of the season over the previously undefeated Celtics. Haadi Rizvi (11 points), Christian Hosler (10 points) and Ari Ferber (8 points) led the way for the Pistons (1-5). They will hope to keep the positive momentum going as they enter the playoffs as the sixth seed in the Pro Division. For the Celtics, who dropped to 5-1 on the season but still remained in 1st place, it was Xavier Lane (14 points), Brent Moore (7 points), Brady Glime and James Chinonis (5 points each) leading the way.

WARRIORS 49, SPURS 31: Ben Rosenfield scored a game-high 26 points for the Warriors (5-1) who wrapped up the #2 seed in the Pro Division with their win over the Spurs (1-5). The Spurs were led by Max Kramer’s 9 points and 8 points each from Anthony Egdell and Tommy Vogt.

Pro Division Playoff Schedule


Saturday, October 27th, Berkshire Middle School

BULLETS 44, SPIRITS 40: The Bullets (2-4) took down the Spirits on Saturday in a well-played, competitive game. Dylan Dembs scored 10 points for the Bullets and Saatvik Vaishnav added 8 points, who will be the 3rd seed in the Legends Division playoffs. The Spirits (1-5) have been playing better of late, but will look to create some new momentum heading into the first round of the playoffs this weekend. Brandon Talley (14 points), Blaine Proefke (12 points) and Jack Fundukian led the way for the Spirits.

SONICS 36, TROPICS 28: In a match up of the top 2 Legends Division teams, this one got a little chippy as the players fought and battled for every basket on Saturday. Ultimately, it was the Sonics (4-2) who came out on top behind 10 points from Jacob Bylinowski and 9 points from Carson Brodsky. The Tropics (5-1) were paced by CJ Krause (12 points) and Dylan Genzlinger (8 points).

Legends Division Playoff Schedule

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