August 1st, 2017

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Day two was even stronger than day one as the 137 campers in Novi continued to work hard and give it their all in drills and games.  “There is a unique energy here,” Camp Director Aaron Smith said after camp, “The kids are the most engaged we have seen this year.  Their work ethic is outstanding and they seem to be thirsty for more!” Check out these three campers who “wowed” their coaches today:

Grace QuinnGRACE Q:  “Grace is super-competitive and tough minded,” said coach Bryan Bollin, “She hustles at every drill and is so serious about improving.” Grace is going to be a 4th grader this fall and recently moved to Michigan from Massachusetts. Her favorite NBA player is Kevin Durant and her favorite team is the Warriors.  She also plays soccer and Lacrosse.


Maggie MillerMAGGIE M:  A 5th grader from Northville, Maggie was making coaches notice her game with hard work and hustle.  “I really enjoy learning how to improve my free-throw shooting this week,” she said after camp today, “I am really excited for the free-throw tournament later this week.”  Maggie’s favorite food is salmon and her favorite NBA player was Kobe Bryant.


Big ZZHARIUS M.  “Big Z” has been the perfect camper this week, said Coach Geo,” he is mindful, respectful and always works hard to be a good teammate.”  Zharius is 3rd grader and his favorite food is Pizza and his favorite NBA player is Andre Drummond.  “This is my first Pistons Academy Camp,” he said earlier today, “I am really liking 4-Ball!”



In the 4-ball competition, not much movement has occurred in the Red and White Divisions.  Georgetown (5-0) still has a hold in first.  But Clemson (4-3)  has the high score with 74 points.  The two teams meet tomorrow so it should be a great contest.  In the Red Division, Stanford (4-0) and Quaker St (4-0) are tied for first and will also play each other tomorrow.  Check out all the Red/White4-Ball standings: 4-BALL Scoresheet

In the Platinum/Blue Division, Eastern Michigan is rocking 1st place and has the division’s high score.  Check out the full standings for this division here: 4-BALL Scoresheet2

In the Red/White Free-Throw Competition, Tyler Adams (31pts) still leads the pack but is being chased closely by several others including Ali Davison (29) who is just two points behind! Check out all the FT Scores here: FT Scoresheet

In the Platinum/Blue Divisions, the competition is really hot as brothers Nick (23) and Aidan (28) Wagner are battling for the top spot.  Nicholas bankhead is also in the mix as he is tied for second with 23pts.  Point values rise up tomorrow with each shot being 2 points but the bonus ball being 5pts!  Check out all the scores here: FT Scoresheet2

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  What NBA franchise used this logo for their team during the 1940s? If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check-in tomorrow morning. be sure to put your name on it!

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