June 23rd, 2018

Red Charge

The first week of the 2018 Pistons Academy Summer Camp Tour ended Friday with fun, games and plenty of excitement.  “What a way to start off the summer,” commented Camp Director Geo Thomas, “We were so fortunate to have so many talented, energetic and passionate young basketball players under one roof.  It was fun!”

There were so many highlights on Friday that the coaching staff almost couldn’t keep up.  None, however, may have topped the FT HugFree Throw Championship where Josh Gibson and Dylan Colussi (both pictured at left) had to take their efforts to overtime before a winner was determined.  Both went 5-7 in regulation to force the OT.  In the extra period, Colussi went 2-3.  But Gibson was like ice and calmly sank all three to win the title.

After which, the two hugged it out in a display of mutual respect.  It was that kind of sportsmanship and class that was seen throughout the week. “The kids had a lot of class,” said Blue Division Coach Bryce Allmacher, “It made for a great week as the kids respected each other and the game.

The camp concluded with the awards ceremony where the Red Division continued their winning streak by conducting the best introduction skit for the 5th straight camp (dating back to 2017).  Red Division Commissioner Bethany Mac copied the “Circle of Life” theme from Lion King and it was clearly the most entertaining of the three intros. It was a great way to kick off the awards ceremony.Lucy HOC

One of the most prestigious awards went to 3rd grader Lucy Nemeth (pictured at right) who was awarded the Isiah Thomas Heart of a Champion award.  “She was an amazing player this week who never backed down from the bigger, taller players,” said Coach Aaron Smith, “She was inspiring to watch.”

There were no upsets in the 4-ball competition as #1 Eastern Michigan was able to stave off #3 Quaker State 107-101 in the championship round.  Here is how the 4-Ball Tournament played out:  Groves 4-Ball Championship Bracket

The week was a success and the Pistons Academy Staff will be looking forward to week two with tour stops in Royal Oak and Plymouth.

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