August 2nd, 2017

Jump Ball

It was another strong day of basketball at Novi Meadows School where 137 campers continued to work hard and improve their skills.

Platinum Division players prepare to rebound a free-throw

Platinum Division players prepare to rebound a free-throw

“Watching the evolution of the players and their knowledge of the game is just awesome,” said Platinum division coach Alex Stuart, “These kids are serious about learning the game while still having fun.”

Several players were recognized during and after camp for their tremendous efforts.  Two of them are hi-lighted below:

IMG_5489ROMAN B:  Roman is a 3rd grader from Novi.  “Roman has a lot of energy and really works hard,” said Red Division Coach Jake Thomas, “He is super-energetic and is always a good sport, win or lose.”  Roman’s favorite part of camp is 4-Ball and his favorite all-time Pistons player is Rip Hamilton.  His favorite soccer player is Messi and Roman loves Fruit Punch Gatorade!

IMG_5490AINSLEY G:  Maybe one of the hardest working players in camp so far is Ainsley.  “She plays so hard and so strong, yet she always has a smile on her face,” says Red Division Coach Joey Berlin, “You can tell she has a love to play and compete.” Ainsley is entering the 3rd grade and loves Pizza, playing soccer and coloring.
Great Job AG!


RED/WHITE DIVISION UPDATES:  In the White 4-Ball competition, Georgetown (7-0) still leads the camp in 4-Ball.  However, three teams are within striking distance as Clemson (6-3), Kentucky (6-3) and Duke (5-3-1) are all within a few wins of first.  In the Red Division, three teams are tied for first with 5-1 records: Texas, Stanford and Quaker State University.  Click here to view the latest standings: 4-BALL Scoresheet

In the Free Throw Contest, four players are currently holding #1 seeds.  Tyler Adams leads all shooters with 61 points.  Tomorrow will be the final regular season round before Friday’s playoffs.  Here is the complete scoresheet for Free-Throws: FT Scoresheet

PLATINUM/BLUE UPDATES:  In the 4-ball contest, Eastern Michigan kept its top spot with an undefeated day, while Georgetown and Kentucky rounded out a high-scoring top 3.  Shout out to Duke, who came back strong today with 2 wins and increased their high score from 77 to 98.  Check out all the standings here: 4-BALL Scoresheet2

In the Platinum / Blue Division, some movement today in the FT competition sets up for tomorrow’s hotly contested tournament play.  Owen Kendall joined the Wagner brothers in the top 3, moving into second place by totaling 22 points today for a total of 43.  Check out all the free-throw scores here: FT Scoresheet2
IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  Coach Allie said today that her favorite Piston Player went to UConn.  What current Piston Player is she referring to?  If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check-in on Thursday!
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