Holiday Hoopmania Camp Tips Off

December 26th, 2016


The 2016 Pistons Academy Holiday Hoopmania basketball camp, presented by Kroger, tipped off on Monday morning inside the gymnasium at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield. It was a spirited day throughout as the campers were clearly excited about the holiday season and most of all, a day off from school! For these campers, there’s simply no better way to spend their day off then in the gymnasium getting better and having some good old-fashioned Hoopmania fun!

Hoopmania campers were exposed to a sampling of the things they will be doing throughout the week. From skill stations to scrimmages, shooting competitions to group stations, games of lighting to our world-famous 4-Ball competition, these gym rats did a little bit of everything! “Today we set the foundation of what we will be doing for the next few days,” said Camp Director Bryan Bollin. “We seem to have a great group of kids and I am excited for what we have in store this week!”

Here are some of the early results in our week-long free throw contest, 4-Ball competition, and the race for our Camp MVP:

Holiday Hoopmania Camp Standings (Monday)

Daniel Green and Aaron Thomas both had very strong days and were able to secure the early lead in our Camp MVP standings, tied at 14 points each. Both players gave tremendous effort in our final drill of the day, the “Blitz,” a 20-minute basketball fitness and conditioning program that challenges both the player’s bodies and minds. Dylan Robinson also had a strong effort in the “Blitz,” earning 7 MVP points. Campers will have the opportunity to earn MVP points all week long through good sportsmanship, effort, energy, and other areas.

Jack Flood, Daniel Mansour, Daniel Green, and Chase Wilson are tied atop the Free Throw Competition standings at 5 points each. Campers will shoot free throws all week long worth varying point totals to earn points and secure a high seed in our camp-ending Free Throw Championship tournament.

In 4-Ball action, Eastern Michigan, led by captain Bryan Thomas, raced out to a hot start going 4-o. Clemson is not far behind, with a record of 3-1.

Reminders: Please be sure to either bring a lunch from home or order a pizza lunch during check-in. Also, players should bring a water bottle and/or money to purchase a beverage at the camp store. Camp will resume at 9am Tuesday morning!

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