August 10th, 2017


It was a fast-paced day at Rookie Camp as Hooper came racing out of the stable and started causing fun-trouble at the Bingham Farms School. “You never know what Hooper is going to do,” said Coach Aaron Smith who made a special appearance at the camp, “That’s probably why he’s so much fun!”

Colin WHooper played Jeremiah in a game of 1-on-1 but was unsuccessful as he could not get past Jeremiah’s tough defense.  It sent the tone for the entire day as campers focused in on rule #2: Defense Always Wins.  Throughout the day, coaches watched campers and their commitment to defense. When camp was over, Colin Wall was named the camp’s Defensive MVP.  “Colin (pictured) does not know he isn’t tall,” said coach Bethany, “He takes on taller players and out-rebounds them and outworks them.  He is fun to watch!”

Thu ScoresIn the shooting contest, Coach Joe (who’s team was skills champion in 2016) took a commanding lead as his team won mega-points in almost every round.  With a score of 123, Joe has an 18.5 lead over Coach Bryan. Coach Bryce is in third place with 92.5 points.  Tomorrow, point values increase so teams can go from worst to first in a a matter of moments!


DJSeveral of our players earned POTD status with their hard work and positive attitude.  One of those players is DJ Robinson (pictured) who has amazed coaches with his maturity and ball-handling abilities.  “DJ is a 2nd grader who is playing up in the White Division this week,” said Coach Bryan, “He may only be 6-years-old but he is competing at a very high level.”  DJ was given the nickname James Harden for a while for his awesome ability to score as well as pass the ball.   Another player who is playing exceptionally well is Luca Spadafore. “Luca was hustling all day for loose balls,” said Coach Bryce, “His efforts are leading his team to victories in 3-on-3 and 5-on-5.”  Luca is a 3rd grader who loves pizza and playing basketball. “My favorite part of camp is just playing basketball,” said Luca who will be looking for more game action on fun Friday.

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  Who was the coach for the Detroit Pistons when they won their last championship in 2004?  If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in to Coach Beth at check-in tomorrow morning!

WATCH TOMORROW LIVE!  Tomorrow’s awards ceremony and championship games will be streamed live!  Please click here to view the show. password is pistons (all lower case)

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