Hustle and Respect Outline Day 2 + Impossible Question

July 18th, 2017


The second day of the Pistons Academy Camp in Huntington Woods revolved around hustle and respect. “These are two areas that coaches really look at when building a team,” said Camp Director Geo Thomas, “There is no special skill or talent needed to display these characteristics but they can really make a difference on a team.”

The two players recognized today were Chase Kukes (respect) and Jack McNamara (hustle).  “Jack is one of those players who is always working hard on the court,” said Blue Division Coach Bryce Allmacher, “He dives for more loose balls than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

Chase was recognized for respect because of his manners and his positive influence on the court. “He always recognizes his teammates when they do well,” says White Division Coach Bryan Bollin, “He treats the coaches and refs the same way -very respectful.”

In other camp news, three new leaders have taken charge of the Free-Throw Contest. Liam Chudler (34pts), Ben Schwartz (33) and Andrew Khiralla (32) have really shot well and will be tough to beat in Friday’s Tournament. Check out all the FT Scores here: FT Scoresheet 

In 4-ball, the competition continues to stay close.  Baylor (7-1) still has sole possession of first place with Arizona (5-2) just one game behind.  But then its anyone’s game after that as seven teams are within four points of third place.  Check out the 4-Ball standings here: 4-Ball Scoresheet

TUESDAY’S IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  What NBA Team used the image below as their primary logo from 1941-48?  If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check-in tomorrow morning.  Be sure to write your name on it!

Image result for zollner pistons logo



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