It’s All Business at HVS in Canton + Impossible Question

July 25th, 2017


The intensity rose a few degrees today at the Pistons Academy Camp in Canton as 100 campers started to show their passion and dedication to the game of basketball. “Some players really get the concept of good defense,” said Blue Division Coach Dan Thomas, “Those who do have been making a big difference for their teams.”

“I think good defense is important so the other team can’t score,” said Madison “Mad Dog” Clelland of the Red Division. “I love the energy at camp.  It allows us to work hard but still have lots of fun.”

Shifting to the shooting competitions, the 4-Ball contest advanced with no real surprises.  Louisville continues to dominate with a 5-0 record and a high score of 129. Louisville captain Aidan Wagner was quoted as saying “For our team, everyone hustles for rebounds so we get more shots off during the game.”  When asked about his team’s future, Aidan responded “I think we are going to win it all because we’ve scored 129 and most teams aren’t close to that.” To view the 4-Ball standings, click here: 4-Ball Scoresheet

Impossible Question:  The logo below was used for what NBA franchise in the 1940s?  If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and bring to camp on Wednesday.  Be sure to write your name on it and turn it in to coach Dimitra.

Image result for FT Wayne pistons logo


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