Week 6 of Pistons Academy is in the book, see below for a quick recap of the games.

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Wolves 20, Falcons 15: The Wolves are tied for first place with a 4-1 record after a big win over the Falcons. Samantha Bentley and Chase Tonnies combined for 8 points and 7 rebounds in the game.   For the Falcons Nabaha Veeramani and Griffin Fleischer combined for 8 points on 4 of 6 shooting and 10 rebounds.

Chargers 12, Blackhawks 11: A nail-bitter between the top two teams in the Prep Division. Avery Gach Scored the game winning basket off an offensive rebound and put back.  Ari Blank also contributed 2 points and 4 rebounds.   The Blackhawks were led by Meyer Saperstein and Mikias Mickinney who combined for 8 of the teams 11 points.


Wolverines 19, Cardinals 15: The Wolverines clinch the 2nd seed in the Eastern Conference with a 4-point win over the Cardinals.  Ricky Sparby had a lights out game shooting 5 of 6 from the field and scoring 11 points.  The Cardinals drop to the 4th seed in the west but still remain hopeful as they enter the playoffs.   Charlie Penoza scored 2 points and grabbed 4 rebounds in the game for the Cardinals.

Broncos 59, RO Bears 15: With a big win over the Bears, the Broncos go undefeated in the regular season earning the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference.  Top performers for the Broncos were Seth Kruger(10pts), Harlan Goldman(8pts) and Dev Veeramani(4pts).  For the Bears Kyle wood and AJ Austin combined for 9 points and 8 rebounds in the game.

Hoyas 44, Huskies 36: The Hoyas earn their first win of the season with a spectacular performance by Dylan Wolf and Anthony Egdell.  These players combined for 12 points and 8 rebounds in this historic win over the Huskies.  The Huskies drop to 4th place in the Eastern Conference after this loss.  Solomon Kwartowitz scored 6 points for the Huskies.


Suns 43, Spurs 24: The Suns jump to 3rd place in the Pro Division with this win over the Spurs.  Dean Bolton had a breakout game scoring 12 points on 6 of 9 shooting from the field.  The Spurs lose their 5th straight game of the season, but still remain hopeful as they have one more game before starting their playoff run.  Sam Mercer and Shane Manna were the tops scorers with a combined 16 points for the Spurs.

Lakers 49, Pacers 28: A fast paced game between two athletic teams ends in a tough loss for the Pacers.  The Lakers are slotted  in 2nd place in the Pro Division with a 4-1 record.  Led by Dylan Dembs in this game with 16 points and 4 assists.  The Pacers top performers was Hunter Gerwols who scored 12 points.


Lady Pistons 30, Sparxx 17:   The Lady Pistons clinch the number one seed as they beat the Sparxx  for the second time this season.  Ava Khalil led the Lady Pistons in scoring and rebound with 8 points and 6 rebounds.  The Sparxx had a great offensive outing but struggled on the defensive end.  Brynn Middlemiss scored 2 points and shot 50% from the FT line.

Wings 45, Spirits 18:   The Wings fly by the Spirits with a big win which improves their record too 2-3.   Top performers for the Wings were Peyton Blanford(12pts), Lola Weber(4pts) and Jasmin Lampkin(2pts).  The Spirits lose their 4th straight game of the season but still remain hopeful as they have one more week to improve before the playoffs begin.  Emily Jacoby scored 11 of the teams 18pts for the Spirits.



Raiders 9, Knights 8: The Raiders fight past the knights with a 1-point victory which improves their record too 2-3 in the Prep Division.  Tony Forbes shoulder the scoring load with 7 of the teams 9 points.  For the Knights 4 players scored 2 points in a great show of effort in the game.  Alex Wolgin and Jace Bernard were among those players.


Hoosiers 31, Spartans 23: With this win over the Spartans the Hoosiers clinch the number two seed in the Western Conference of the College Division.  Led by Dillon Cotton and Steven Clippert who combined for 18 points for the Hoosiers.  The Spartans drop to the third seed in the playoffs after this loss.  Abe Miller was the top scorer with 10 points.

Duke 30, RO Titans 18: The Duke Blue Devils earn the number 1 seed in the Western Conference of the College Division with an unblemished record.  In this game Fadel Dioum and Harry Shaevesky combined for 9 points and 8 rebounds.  The Titans played hard and had 6 different players score in the game.  Thomas Romito and Miles were among those players.


Celtics 57, Rockets 29:  The Celtics win again and remain undefeated in the Pro Division with a 5-0-1 record.  Mitchell Mollison led the Celtics in scoring with an amazing 15-point performance.  The Rockets played a great game but struggled to slow down the Celtics on the defensive end.

Bulls 37, Pistons, 20:  The Bulls charge past the Pistons with a 17 point win.  Led by Byron Brooks and Isiah Rubin who combined for 21 points and 10 rebounds.  The Pistons were led by Hari Kadakol who scored 12 points.


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