Ludington Clinics Ends With High Energy!

March 24th, 2017

Ludington Group 1

The West Coast Pistons Academy wrapped up their 1st 6 week clinic last Monday with parents and family members in attendance.  The kids were full of energy, ready to show their fans what they had been working on at the Pistons Academy.

In the 1st session of the night, Kason and Robert started the night off by leading the group through their stretches.  The kids tore up the gym with their dribbling skills, moving in and out of the cones, with their right and left hands.  Coach Shelli noted how much the kids have improved their dribbling skills in just a few short weeks.  “It is obvious that many of them are practicing at home as well, which is great to see.” She noted.  We of course snuck in a game of “What time is it Mr. Fox”, which the parents enjoyed watching, by seeing the smiles on their faces.  At the end of the session, when the kids were asked what they improved on at the clinic.  Their responses were things like, shooting, dribbling and hustling.  When they were asked what they enjoyed the most, Ethan commented “DRIBBLING!”, and Cole eagerly noted, “GAMES!”  Parents were very happy with the Pistons Academy.  “This was great Shelli! Thanks for doing this for the kids!” commented Jim Chapman, who has 2 boys inLud3 the clinic.

In the hallway of the church gym, was the 2nd session of kids eagerly waiting their gym time!  Kolby was one of the 1st kids to come up to Coach Shelli and show her that he had practiced his dribbling since the last session.  “He was so proud! It was just awesome to see his excitement!” noted Shelli.  The kindergarteners then worked on their shooting form and passing, before moving on to layups, while the 1st and 2nd graders practiced shooting and rebounding.  We were running out of time, but the kids were still looking forward to playing a little 5 on 5 (3 on 3 for the Kindergarteners).  The parents were eager as well!  Boy you’d think these kids were in the NBA, they had so much drive and hustle.  Coach Shelli commented that she was excited to see the kids looking up while they were dribbling, to look for a pass or an open lane to drive.

To wrap up each session, Coach Shelli handed out Certificates and Report Cards to each of the players. “These kids really made an impression on me.”, noted Coach Shelli.  Coach Shelli had a few comical ‘nick names’ for some of the kids.  This was a fun and positive way to give each kid some spotlight.  Names like “Darth Vader, Best Dressed, Secret Weapon and Michael Jordan, were just a few. What an enthusiastic group of kids.  As the kids left for the night, many of them wanted a picture with Coach, and their parents noted they were already signed up for the next session.  Coach Shelli will be bringing a few new drills to the next session, which will be a lot of fun for the kids!

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