Ludington Skills Clinic “Bleacher Report”

February 7th, 2017


The “West Coast” Pistons Academy is in full stride and with 35 players, the energy and excitement seems to increase week after week!  Coach Shelli Coffin reports on yesterday’s clinics in Ludington.  As well, registration for session two is under way.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get your “Early Bird” registration submitted before the clinics sell out!

5:30 Clinic Bleacher Report

The kids were literally “skipping out of the gym” and grinning from ear to ear after the 3rd week of Ludington Pistons Ludington2Academy Clinic.   Coach Shelli commented, “The kids worked a lot on dribbling tonight.  We practiced both right and left hands, as well as dribbling with someone guarding them.  They did really well.”   Adding to that thought, Coach Zac said “I really see improvement in their dribbling.  The kids are so focused while they are at the clinic, they really want to learn the game.”

Sophia, a 1st grader from Scottville Elementary, is thriving in the clinic.  “This is a big deal to them”  said Sophia’s mom, Sara, “Sophia changes into her basketball clothes as soon as she gets home from school, sitting anxiously waiting for two hours, to head to the Pistons Clinic.  She can’t get enough! She wants to stay for both sessions!”

The clinic continued working on shooting using drills to practice form and follow-through. The kids were very focused in making the suggested adjustments in their shooting form during this time.  Coach Shelli mentioned this focus and concentration to Hailey’s mom after the clinic and she responded with a happy, wide eyed look of excitement, “Oh she LOVES this!”.

6:30 Clinic Bleacher Report

The Pistons Academy continued the night with as much, if not more excitement and enthusiasm than the 1st group.  During our shooting drills, the kids were focused on their form and asking the coaches if they had their form right.   The excitement doesn’t stop with the kids.  “My husband, Bobby and I are both so impressed with how well the camp is being managed. We love that you’re working on fundamentals but they’re still having fun.” said parent Rachel Grimes-Cohoon of Ludington.   Her stepson Gavin picks out his basketball outfit the night before Pistons Academy.  “Monday is basketball day, my favorite day!” says Rachel’s stepson Gavin, who is a 1st grader at Franklin Elementary in Ludington.

Coach Shelli says “These kids are great!  I had one girl come up to me when she left and gave me a big hug.  On the other hand, I also had a sweet boy come up to me (grinning from ear to ear, while showing me some of his ball handling skills he’s been practicing), ask me to feel his sweaty hair.  He was so proud to be sweating from playing basketball.”

Next week, the coaches will have some of the kids work on their crossover dribble, and other ball handing drills.  The clinic will continue to run the kids through drills which will be fun and help them learn the fundamentals of basketball.  We will also continue to work through some basketball terminology and even a few historical facts.  (It’s our secret that they are learning while having fun!)


Pup Clinic Registration (grades K-1)  April 3 & 4 through May 8 & 9
Click here to register for: Monday PUP Clinic (5:30-6:15pm)
Click here to register for: Tuesday PUP Clinic (5:30-6:15pm)

Rookie Clinic Registration (grades 2-3)  April 3 & 4 through May 8 & 9
Click here to register for: Monday Rookie Clinic (6:30-7:15pm)
Click here to register for: Tuesday Rookie Clinic (6:30-7:15pm)

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