Offensive Skills Camp Updates Here!!

July 14th, 2015


The Offensive Skills Camp at Franklin Athletic Club is variation of the premier Pistons Academy Camps that features skill stations focused on improving individual offensive skills. Other variations include a 3-point contest and a dribble course contest that are trophy events. Updates regarding the Players of the Day, Three Point Contest, Dribble Course, and MVP voting are presented below.


Kaan Jovic (Red Division)

One of the most consistent campers in Pistons Academy, Kaan showed why he is a veteran by being one of the hardest workers during the skill stations and being a leader for his 4-Ball team.

Jayden Ryke (Red Division)

As one of the youngest players in camp, Jayden came in very shy and unsure about his place in the camp. By the end of the day, the initial nervousness was long gone. Jayden helped his 4-Ball team win games by average a whopping 16 ppg as the 4th flight player.

Carl Alexander (Red Division)

Carl was described day one as “by far the hardest worker at camp” from one of the coaches. That hard work and his implementation of skills learned at stations during the 5-on-5 games earned Carl the POTD award.

Aaron DuBose (Blue Division)

While Aaron’s hard work definitely was a main selling point for his POTD bid, the play that put him over the top was a deep 2 at the buzzer in the day’s final game to tie the game for his team. Aaron’s team went on to win the game in overtime.



Steven Clippert (Red Division)

Steven had very solid first day at camp and built off of it to have a great first day. “Steven was in the running for POTD during the first day but fell just short,” Coach Alex said. “He looked like a man on a mission day 2 and worked extremely hard to earn this award.”

Khalil Williams (Red Division)

Coach Bryce’s pick for player of the day has something that all coaches cherish; listening skills. “Khalil is always looking the coaches in the eye and listening,” Coach Bryce said. “You can tell he is always looking to improve his game.”


Lazar Osipov (Blue Division) 

“Lefty” Lazar earned his POTD award from his outstanding play during the 5-on-5 games. “He is one of those guys that is a leader as soon as he steps on the floor,” Coach Joey said. “He is definitely someone I would want on my team.”

Hari Kadakol (Blue Division)

Hari earned POTD honors from Coach Miles based on his hard work during station work and improved 5-on-5 play. “Hari really came to play today,” Coach Miles said. “He led his team in passing while knocking down some shots at the same time.




Kanei Takei (Red Division)

One of the fan favorites, Kanei had an outstanding day. He work harder than any other player during a day that was packed with hard workers. “I don’t think I noticed a single moment where Kanei wasn’t going full speed to where he needed to be,” Camp Director Adam Banchiu said. “He was the epitome of “Work Hard Wednesday.”

Vishnu Das (Red Division)

Vishnu came into “Work Hard Wednesday” determined to when the Player of the Day Award. “Vish out worked everyone during the station work,” Coach Bryce said. “He implemented multiple skills from the stations during the afternoon games to prove he has been learning and getting better throughout the week.”

Grace Kleinfeldt (Red Divison)

As the only girl in camp, Grace showed she could hang with the boys. “Grace approached me and said she was unhappy with her play during the morning,” Coach Alex said. “In the afternoon she persevered and led one of the most remarkable 4-Ball come backs I have ever seen.”

Nick Lurz (Blue Division)

“Nick was all over the place today,” Coach Joey said. “He was leading the charge by helping clean up items throughout the day and being very vocal in cheering his teammates on.” Nick has been one of the top players in the Blue Division throughout the week and really put it all together Wednesday with an excellent day.

Naren Edara (Blue Division) 

Naren missed day 1 of camp so he felt the need to prove himself more than others when he arrived. On Wednesday, he did just that. “Naren was unbelievable defensively today,” Coach Miles said. “I know this is the Offensive Skills Camp but during “Work Hard Wednesday” I couldn’t over look his hard work on the defensive end.”

MVP STANDINGS (Through Thursday)

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 6.04.09 PM

3-Point Challenge Leaders

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 10.19.35 AM


Dribble Course Top Ten Times

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 2.31.11 PM

5-on-5 Standings

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.55.38 AM


4-Ball Standings

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.00.46 AM

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