July 30th, 2019

Winning Team


The Pistons Academy Camp, powered by Kroger, advanced through tits second day with RESPECT being the core value of the day.  “It was a great day at camp again,” said White Division Commissioner Dustin Sims, “I was really impressed with the girls game as all the players played so hard.  It was fun to watch!”

It was another defensive battle in the girls game which was won by TEAM SARAH, 6-0.  Lillian “Cabbage” Swegles scored all six points for Team Sarah.  In last year’s all-girls game, Pistons Elite stars Mack Reid and Peyton Sivier battled in front of the crowd in an overtime thriller as TEAM BETH won 4-2. “We really played the transition game well,” said Coach Sarah after the game, “Cabbage scored a lot but her teammates gave her great passes!”  Olivia Smith led TEAM BETH with six rebounds.Novi Team 8

It was a day also where teams incorporated the pick-and-roll and perhaps no team ran it better than TEAM 8 (pictured at right) of the White Division. “I never saw so many screens being set,” said Coach Jake Thomas, “All the players on Team Eight were looking to get open using the screen.  It was pretty cool!”  Shades of Stockton/Malone!  Click here to see some of the highlights from this Utah Jazz combo:  Pick and Roll 

Respect was the theme of the day and one of the most unanimous choices this week was Red Division player Drew Aeschliman.  This 3rd grader was one of the most respectful players in camp.  Along with his willingness to help others, he was also humble and unassuming.  “In the Free-Throw Contest, he wasn’t sure if he scored 7pts or 4pts” Said Coach Brian Singleton, “So he decided to call it four points so he would not gain any unfair advantage.”  Drew’s favorite subject is Math and his favorite part of camp is 4-ball.”

Here are the White Division stats for Day 2:  Novi 4-Ball Standings  /  Novi Free Throw Scores

Here are the RED Division stats for Day 2:  Red Division Stats


From the desk of the amazing Coach Beth… Howdy and Hello! 
Today’s TOTD (Topic of the Day) was respect, and how we as players should respect the game, our coaches, and each other.  A highlight from 5-on-5 today was the spicy crossover by Blake Wdowiak, finished with a crispy jumper. Now that we are out of preseason, our standings are posted in the Excel sheet above, so check it out!

Our front runner for freethrows is Asher Tainsky with 13 points! The lightning qualifiers from today are Austin Hermaz, Cole Noonan, and Dominick Palmer-Angi.
Our Player of the Day today is Drew Aeschliman. We picked Drew for many reasons. The first was during skill stations today, he really seemed to take what the coaches had to say to heart. In Coach Beth’s shooting station, she was able to use Drew as an example because his listening and basketball skills were so on point. Then, during free throws today when he was reporting his scores he said he honestly didn’t remember if he got four or seven points, but he was okay with just taking the four points. He took a tumble during 5-on-5 and immediately got back up and played on. 
Another shoutout today goes to Zara Haque and Sami Alzoubi. Both of these players were recognized by the coaches for their great behavior at our end of camp meeting! Signing off from Pistons Academy Novi Meadows!  See you Wednesday!


Coach Geo discussed the Pick and Roll and some effective ways to execute that play.  Name the two types of rolls that he showed at camp today!

If you think you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check-in on Wednesday. Correct answers will be placed in a drawing for some cool prizes!


Will be performing in the 5th grade gym tomorrow (the one where all players checked in on Monday).  Show starts at 2:15pm.  Parents, family and friends are welcome.  We will have the bleachers pulled out for spectators.  All campers will be dismissed from this gym on Wednesday.

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