July 8th, 2019

GR Team


The Pistons Academy Camp, powered by Kroger, returned to the MSA Woodland Basketball Complex today in Grand Rapids and the campers did not disappoint.

“Having played my college ball here in Grand Rapids, I know the area is stocked with some great basketball talent,” commented Camp Director Bryan Bollin, “That alone makes this one of my favorite camps of the summer.”

Each day, a different theme is discussed at camp and today was HUSTLE.  “Hustling on the basketball court, and off, is a HPOTDskill that everyone has,” said Co-Camp Director Geo Thomas,  “Unlike height, coordination or quickness, hustle is a skill you choose to have. That choice of hustling back on defense, hustling to the next skill station or hustling to class are choices that can make or break a game, an education or even a career.”

Although the camp was filled with players hustling and working hard, there were three campers (pictured) that really turned coaches heads.  Emily (red), Tai (Blue) and Carson (white) all set the baseline of how great hustle will be measured.

There were many regular season events that started today, including the Free Throw Championship.  We had one perfect shooter, Brenden Lacroix, who was a perfect six points out of six points. However, there are a host of shooters right on his tail and all are at five points. To see a full list of Blue/White Division shooters, please click here: MSA FT Standings

In the 4-Ball Contest, 14 teams in the Blue/White (Joe Dumars Division) opened their seasons with some strong games. “100 points is usually the score to shoot for,” said Coach Max Wittenberg, “And we had three teams hit that mark on the first day alone and another team topped out at 98!” To see the full standings, click here: MSA 4-Ball Standings (MON)

Red Division FTS, 4-Ball and all the 5-on-5 standings will be posted here on Tuesday evening.


The Detroit Pistons came to Detroit in 1957.  In what city did they play in before coming to Detroit?

If you think you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check-in Tuesday morning. Don’t forget to put your name on it!  Winning entries will be placed into a raffle for a cool Pistons prize!

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