July 21st, 2016

Group with Earl

Today was a high-flying Thursday at camp and not just because the Pistons Flight Crew dazzled us with their dunks…  There were many special performances on the court!

In 4-ball, Michigan State, led by captain Yahya Husain, has taken over first place in the Chauncey Billups Division.  MSU has won seven straight games and has opened an 8pt lead over Rutgers.  However, Rutgers is also one of the hottest teams around having won six straight.  It should be an exciting playoff run for both teams.

In the Steph Curry Division, Duke remains in first place with a 14-1 record and is enjoying a 10-game winning streak.  They defeated both Indiana (10-5) and Baylor (12-3) in the afternoon games.  The team that may have the best shot at Duke is Clemson.  They have won three straight games and captain Noah Gillum has his team in sync.  Single elimination rounds start Friday.  Click here for the 4-Ball standings:  Thursday 4-Ball

In the free-throw competition, the final regulation round ended today resulting in our top four qualifiers.  Those who make the final four will appear on the live stream as they compete for the championship on live stream!  FT Seedings  Our #1 seeds include:
    NORTH:  Yahya Husain
    SOUTH:  Jabreel Zahoor
    EAST:  Caesaero Campos
    WEST:  Ronak Samal

Finally, our skills combine stats have been compiled.  Campers were evaluated in six areas from shooting to jumping.  This is a great way to view a player’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison with their peers.  Hi-lighted sections indicate divisional leaders:  Canton Combine Results

Friday’s award ceremony will start at 1:30pm with a dismissal of 2pm.  Friends and family are welcome to attend the awards show!


There is no impossible question for Thursday night…  Answers for previous questions are below.

TUESDAY’S IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  What was high school basketball team did Coach Dan Thomas play for?
TUESDAY’S IMPOSSIBLE ANSWER:  Coach Dan did not play high school basketball!

MONDAY’S IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  Name just two of the 11 Pistons players who have had their numbers retired.
MONDAY’S IMPOSSIBLE ANSWER:  Chauncey Billups (1), Ben Wallace (3), Joe Dumars (4), Dennis Rodman (10), Isiah Thomas (11) Vinnie Johnson (15), Bob Lanier (16), Dave Bing (21), Bill Laimbeer (40).  The number 2 has also been retired in honor of coach Chuck Daly who won two championships as a coach (’89, ’90)

Coach Bethany poses with the girls of the Red Division!

Coach Bethany poses with the girls of the Red Division!


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