October 10th, 2016





Top Row: Samuel L, Max C, Jack R, Sunny K, Chase T, Bottom Row: Mikias M, Liam T, Max A, Chase C,

Ravens-14 Raiders-14 Overtime Tie

A competitive game for the Prep Division as both teams played well.  Ben Schwartz of the Ravens, and McKias McKinney of the Raiders displayed teamwork and their passing abilities in many occasions of the game. After trading buckets the whole game, the Ravens hit a shot to go ahead by 2 points with just 30 seconds on the clock. On the next possession, the Raiders’ Chase Tonnies nails a baseline jumper to tie the game with just 4 seconds remaining. This game went into overtime, and after some outstanding defense, ended in a tie.




Left to Right: Ryan G, Cooper S, Gabe K, Jake T, Zach B, Charlie G, Will K, Coach Aaron Johnson

The Perfect Lakers

Led by star player Will Kostello the Pro Division Lakers are off to a flawless 2-0 start to the season.  These players are accepting their roles on the team and it is showing in their fantastic play.  ” I’m very proud of my team, they have been showing a lot heart and effort on the court.  Overall as a team I feel we have a great chemistry , but I’m a still looking forward to getting better this season as we are competition for a championship.” Said Coach Aaron Johnson .



Top Row: Asst. Coach Matt W, Sam Z, Ethan L, Jonah R, Henry Z, Coach Tom C. Bottom Row: Ben R, Ethan W, John C


Warriors-33 Celtics-12

The Warriors surprised the Celtics in this match-up as they started the game in a tough 2-3 zone, which resulted in scoring woes for the Celtics. They played this zone defense in a way that would make Jim Boeheim proud, as they held the Celtics to just 4 points in the first half. However, the Celtics improved themselves greatly in the second half by tripling their scoring output and playing much better defense. This is something they will look to repeat in next week’s game.

Ryan G

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