Rookie Campers Terrific on Tuesday

July 17th, 2018

Cayd POTD Tuesday

The Pistons Academy summer camp tour, presented by Kroger, makes it’s annual stop at the Rookie Basketball Camp at Bingham Farms Elementary School. 

Day 2 (Tuesday) delivered some great action at our Pistons Academy Rookie Camp for players in grades 2-4. Camp Director Bryan Bollin led the campers through ball handling drills to open camp. Players focused on dribbling the ball with control, keeping their eyes up to scan the floor, and protecting the ball with their body. Pivots and pass fakes were worked into the drill as coaches placed an emphasis on being strong with the ball and keeping it away from the defense.

Later in the morning, proper shooting mechanics were introduced and reinforced as campers were challenged to practice the right way. “Practice makes perfect, but only when that practice involves doing things the correct way,” said Camp Coach Caitlyn Smith. “As these players continue to grow and get stronger, shooting the basketball will become effortless if they start practicing the proper techniques at a young age,” she added.

Later in the day, players participated in 5-on-5 games and took part in their daily skill stations. There were a handful of players that did a nice job during stations (see below). Another highlight of Tuesday was our first-ever “dunk contest” between the coaches. Campers voted for their favorite dunk by round of applause and Coach Isaiah took home the crown in blowout fashion with a tremendous 360 windmill jam.

In the afternoon skills challenge, Team Isaiah remains in the lead with 44 points, followed closely by Team Beth (43 points), Team Brady (41 points), and Team Caitlyn (40 points).

Skills Challenge Standings*
Team Isaiah: 44 performance points
Team Beth: 43 performance points
Team Brady: 41 performance points
Team Caitlyn: 40 performance points
Team Terrah/Marcus: 32 performance points
Team Dylan: 27 performance points
*Teams are awarded points based on the order of finish, as well as their ability to follow detailed instructions, in various ball handling races and shooting competitions.


Cayd Friedrichs was our Player of the Day on Tuesday, as his work ethic and attention to detail really stood out. He was a leader in his division throughout the day, setting a positive example for his teammates, and his toughness was on full display in every competition.

Several other players stood out on Tuesday:

Coach Caitlyn on Kent Cooper II: “Kent has a passion for the game that shows in everything he does. His work ethic these last two days has been impressive.”

Coach Beth on Audrey Kujawa: “Audrey is always focused and has a great knowledge of the game. She has adjusted well to the speed and intensity of the 5-on-5 games.”

Coach Dylan on Shiv Kumar: “Shiv is super competitive and works so hard. He was focused and pushing himself in the ball handling stations today and always wanted to be the player that went twice for his group.”

Coach Isaiah on Aidan Etue: “Aidan did a great job during the morning ball handling stations. He did a great job of listening to the coaches and performing each move correctly.”

Coach Brady on Miles Trice: “Miles has an incredible energy and passion for the game. He is an intense competitor and is really invested in his team’s success.”

Coach Terrah on Morgan Gittner: “Morgan was one of our hardest working players on Tuesday. Morgan is always hustling to and from each drill and puts 100% effort into everything throughout the day.”


Check in begins at 8:30am. Players may not enter the gym before 8:30am.

Players that ordered a name/number for their jersey will receive their customized jerseys on Wednesday.

Please make sure camper’s names are clearly printed on everything they bring to camp.

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