Rookie Camps Delivers Strong Performance on Tuesday

June 25th, 2019

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The Detroit Pistons Academy summer basketball camp tour, presented by Kroger, makes it’s annual stop at the Rookie Camp in Bingham Farms. This camp, for players entering grades 2-4, is designed to teach the fundamental skills and techniques needed for competitive play. 


Day 2 of the annual Rookie Camp featured a bunch of skill development and learning, as campers were put through drills and demonstrations to improve their skills and understanding of the game. “Today we placed a big emphasis on shooting mechanics and teaching the campers how to shoot with the proper technique,” said Camp Director Bryan Bollin. Campers went through a shooting demonstration, structured around what to do, and not do, when attempting to shoot the ball.

Another point of emphasis on Tuesday was understanding what it takes to be effective on both offense and defense. The importance of spacing the floor, sharing the ball and moving without the ball were demonstrated to the campers. On defense, campers learned that they must communicate with their teammates and focus on not only the player with the ball, but the other players on the court as well.

“Overall, we had a great day on Tuesday and accomplished quite a bit. We are already seeing a vast improvement in many of the players and we look forward to seeing their growth over the next few days,” said Camp Coach Dustin Sims.


Congratulations to Sean Bennett on being named Tuesday’s PLAYER OF THE DAY for his hustle and attention to detail. Coach Bethany Mac on Sean’s performance: “Sean worked hard on ball handling today and his focus and attention to detail has been very good during the first couple of days.”

PLAYERS OF THE DAY: Sean Bennett, Ayanna Wright, Bennett Droze, Marlon Williams

Coach Dustin on Miles Rose: “Miles is an all-around team player and never causes any problems. He is very respectful to the coaches and his teammates.”

Coach Kaitlyn on Eric Carnicero: “Eric is a good teammate and was even cheering on the other teams today. He’s a great shooter and is always listening to the coaches and what they have to say.”

Coach Jordan on Marlee Watters: “Marley does everything the coaches ask her to do and is a good teammate. She is really good on defense, is always hustling and makes good passes to her teammates.”

Coach Ava on Tej Varma: “Tej is a very hard worker and never complains about anything, he just rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. He’s nice to his teammates and is a great listener in all of our camp drills.”


Camp check-in begins at 8:40am. All players must check-in at the camp entrance each morning.

Lunch orders must be placed in the morning at the check-in.

Campers should wear their Pistons Academy camp jersey each day.

Camp dismisses at 1pm on Monday-Friday. There will be an awards ceremony at 12:30pm on Friday. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

A special guest will be visiting camp on Thursday at 12:30pm. Family and friends are welcome to attend.

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