Rookie Clinic Finishes in #DetroitStyle

December 7th, 2016


The fall session of our Pistons Academy Rookie Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield came to a close on Tuesday evening. It was the last installment of the 8-week clinic that began in October. Much like they have all fall season, these Rookies really brought great energy on Tuesday night inside the gymnasium at Franklin Athletic Club.

Last night’s clinic marked the finish line of what was an incredible 8-week journey with our Southfield Rookies. Throughout the last two months, these players have been taught and instructed many different aspects of the game. Whether it be passing, dribbling, shooting, defense, or the rules of the game, these Rookies were all schooled on the basics of basketball. Pistons Academy coaches Geo Thomas, Bryan Bollin, Aaron Smith, and Dan Thomas each instructed the players at some point this fall and it was great to see how receptive these youngsters were to their coaches.

Last night featured the very best of each of our Rookies. You could tell they all wanted to go out in #DetroitStyle and put their best foot forward on the last night. Ayal Starr, Charley Gross, Matthew Kiryakoza, and Calvin Stevens were the top performers from Week 8 as they were the best listeners, worked the hardest, and had the best attitudes! Great job!

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday season! We also would love to see your son/daughter in one of our Winter 2017 programs. For more information on our upcoming clinics, leagues, and other Pistons Academy programming please be sure to visit the pages below:

Winter Leagues

Winter Skills Clinics



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