Rookie Clinic Heating Up!

November 2nd, 2016


Tuesday marked Week 3 of the Pistons Academy Rookie Skills Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club and each Rookie came focused and ready to improve! “I thought the effort, energy, and enthusiasm was great tonight,” said Coach Laura Barrick. The clinic continues to grow, as we picked up a few more Rookies over the last couple of weeks following Bring A Friend Day. The Rookies really showed off their #DetroitStyle as each participant received their special-edition Pistons Academy Rookie Basketball t-shirt.

Week 3 included more individual skill development as each coach continued to work with the Rookies on their fundamental skills. “We really stress the fundamental skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting and how to perform them properly throughout the entire 8-week clinic. As weeks go by and the players begin to improve, we try to go into more detail and build upon what we learned the previous session,” said Coach Bryan Bollin.

A couple of Rookies made a good impression on the coaches Tuesday. Andre Harris, Jr. and Matthew Kiryakoza were recognized for their hustle, leadership, and performance for Week 3. Great job!

We look forward to our next meeting on Tuesday, November 8th! Did you know? There is still time to register for our Rookie Clinic! Contact Bryan Bollin at (248) 352-8000 Ext 267 to reserve your spot in next week’s clinic!

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