Rookie Clinic Hits Home Stretch

November 9th, 2017


As the Pistons Academy Rookie Clinic in Southfield closes in on the final few weeks of the fall session, our coaches continue to be impressed with the attitudes and enthusiasm of each Rookie. “The excitement surrounding this clinic has been nothing short of amazing,” said Clinic Director Bryan Bollin. “We were off last Tuesday because of Halloween and I thought the kids might come back a little flat or out of rhythm. Let’s just say … I was wrong! The energy was noticeable as soon as the kids entered the gym!” he added.

Players continued to be tested in the fundamental skill areas as they were put through dribbling, passing, and shooting drills. They have really come a long way since the opening week, as each player has shown noticeable improvement in several different areas. “The main goal of our Rookie Clinic is to help the kids improve their skills. The work is not done yet, but we are well on our way to accomplishing that goal. It will be great to see the improvement continue over the next two weeks,” Bollin continued.

Congratulations to River Rosett as he was named Player of the Day for his focus and attention to detail on Tuesday. He also was awarded 4 FREE tickets to Wednesday night’s Pistons game against the Indiana Pacers.

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