Rookie Clinic Keeps Rolling

November 9th, 2016

Coach Aaron Dribbling

While millions across America were casting their votes on Tuesday and anxiously awaiting election results, our Rookies in Southfield were busy working hard to improve their basketball skills! In patriotic fashion, the gym was full of Pistons red, white, on blue on this election day! “These Rookies were outstanding tonight! They certainly get my vote for the hardest working 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders in America!” said Coach Alex Ross.

Our Rookie Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club had a very special guest for Week 4, the halfway point in our 8-week session. Pistons Academy Program Manager Aaron Smith led the Rookies for the evening. “I kept hearing from our coaching staff that this group of Rookies was extremely hard-working, energetic, and excited about getting better at basketball,” said Coach Aaron. “So, I had to come check them out and see for myself just how great they were. They exceeded my expectations and really lived up to the hype!”

Coach Aaron had the players focus on dribbling and ball handling skills for the majority of the clinic. Each player was given a special-edition Detroit Pistons basketball and followed the lead of Coach Aaron. From stationary ball handling to relay races, the players were shown how to properly handle the basketball and were given several great drills that they can do at home to improve their dribbling skills. Coach Aaron also challenged the players to be great listeners, show good eye contact, and push themselves to work harder than ever before! Several players, including Matthew Ben, Charley Gross, Matthew Kiryakoza, and Calvin Stevens all had great focus all night long and displayed impressive listening skills and eye contact.

Pistons Tickets Winner

Congratulations to Gralon Connor for being chosen as the top performer of Week 4! Gralon was the hardest working player, listened closely to the coaches, and showed great focus and energy all clinic long. Gralon and his family will be awared 4 free tickets to an upcoming Detroit Pistons game! Great job, Gralon!

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