Rookie Clinic Raises the Bar

November 30th, 2016

Rookie Clinic Week 7

Tuesday evening marked Week 7 of our Rookie Skills Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield. Week 7 featured a variety of drills that helped reinforce some of the offensive and defensive skills that have been taught throughout the 8-week clinic. However, this was no ordinary week at the Rookie Skills Clinic. “The energy, effort, and enthusiasm were the best we have seen thus far,” said Coach Bryan Bollin. “Because this was our first clinic since the Thanksgiving holiday, we talked about some of the things we are most thankful for. Tonight, I can tell you that I was most thankful for the tremendous attitudes and excitement that our Rookies brought to Week 7. Coach Geo Thomas did a fantastic job with the kids last week, and it was awesome to see their enthusiasm carry over into this week.”

On Tuesday night, the Rookies broke up into small groups and played 1-on-1 for the first time throughout the clinic. “I was very impressed at how far many of the kids have come in just seven short weeks. They have each developed solid fundamentals and are gaining the confidence to be able to make moves and attack the basket,” said Coach Alex Ross. Many of the Rookies showcased their newly acquired offensive skills. Jordan Scott continued to show that he is an unstoppable force with the ball in his hands and Calvin Stevens was able to handle the ball effectively while also knocking down some open shots. On the defensive end, Ayal Starr and Andre Harris proved tough to score against as they stayed in good guarding position and made things difficult for their opponents.

Kelsie McMurray was our Player of the Day, as she hustled to and from each drill, made some great plays, and had an incredibly positive attitude that was contagious and wore off on everyone around her. Great job, Kelsie!

Next week marks the final week of our Fall Rookie Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield and is sure to be an exciting evening of Pistons Academy basketball. We look forward to closing out the clinic strong and sending the Rookies into the winter season with their improved skills and a passion for the game of basketball that is unmatched!

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