August 7th, 2017

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The 12th annual Pistons Academy Rookie Camp in Birmingham tipped off today with 36 campers at the Bingham Farms location working very hard.  “Lots of energy today,” said Director Geo Thomas, “Energy to play but also energy to learn.  I am looking forward to see what Tuesday brings!”

Several players made a name for themselves both on and off the court.  Here are a few that coaches noted!

IMG_5523AMIR H:  Amir is a 4th grader from the Bingham farms School and was seen working very hard at the skill stations this morning. “He is a very good leader and interacts well with his teammates,” said Coach Bryan Bollin, “He worked really hard today which will pay off later in the week.”  Amir likes to bowl, play outside and wants to either be President of the USA or play in the NBA when he gets older.  Nice job Amir!



ZACK K:  “Zack worked extra hard at my skill stations today,” Coachj Bryce said after camp, “He listened and absporbed all the information really well.”  Zack worked exceptionally hard on defense. “I have learned how to position my shoulders on defense at camp today, ” said Zack, “It really helped me lock down people when we played 5-on-5 games today.”  Zack is a 3rd grader from Pierce Elementary who likes playing both basketball and baseball.



LUKE T:  Luke is a 2nd grader who also attends Bingham Farms Elementary. “Luke makes it his job to pass to everyone,” said his coach Ian Berlin, “He also is making great eye contact so I know he is listening.”  Luke also has amazing hustle as he was seen divisng for loose balls all day at camp.



TaliaTAILIA B:  As the only girl in camp today, Talia made a name for herself with her positive attitide and work ethic. “Tailia is easily one of the coolest kids in camp,” said her coach Bethany Mac, “She is a hard worker who doesn’t let anyone push her around on the court.  I love her attitude!”  Talia is a 3rd grader representing the Farbur Hebrew Day School.




ISAIAH C:  Isaiah had a great day at camp and truly seemed to be enjoying himself.  “He is a hard worker who hustles, looks to pass before he shoots,” said his coach Jake Thomas, “I love the way he plays.” Isaiah admires all athletes and really doesn’t have a favorite.  He loves Cool-Blue Gatorade and enjoys playing outside whenever he can!  He is a 2nd grader from Bingham Farms.



IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  Coach Geo talked about defensive pride today and how the Pistons have a long tradition of amazing defensive players. Can you name at least one of the four players he talked about today?  If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in to Coach Bethany at check-in on Tuesday.  Correct answers will go into a raffle for some cool Pistons prizes! Be sure to write your name on it!

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