Southfield Rookie Clinic Off to Strong Start

January 25th, 2017


The Pistons Academy Rookie Clinic, presented by Kroger, for boys and girls grades 1-3 at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield is off to a great start! We are two weeks through the 8-week program, and this group of young ballers has been very impressive!

The Rookie Clinic is designed to teach players the fundamental skills of the game through fun and challenging drills. Our Pistons Academy coaches focus on a different element of the game each week, allowing the players to fully grasp and comprehend each skill before moving onto the next. “We always have players of different ages and abilities in our Rookie Clinics, but the great thing about the game of basketball is that any one player is never too good to work on their fundamentals. The best players in the world have an outstanding fundamental skill set and knowledge of the game. We have some advanced players in this group, as well as some novice players, but everyone is able to get something out of the clinic and improve their respective skills. We also try to break the players up into groups so that they are learning and developing with players of similar ages and abilities,” said Rookie Clinic Director Bryan Bollin.

The large class of Pistons Academy Rookies have proved to be quick learners, as they have already shown great improvement in their ball handling, passing, and shooting skills.

Through the first two weeks, we have focused primarily on basic skills such as shooting mechanics, passing, and dribbling technique. As we progress throughout the clinic, players will learn more advanced skills like pivots, jab steps, jump stops, pump fakes, and various other offensive skills. We will also begin to learn defensive fundamentals and how to effectively transition these newly acquired skills into game situations.

On Tuesday night, there were a couple of players who really stood out and caught the coaches attention. Brady Klein has been fun to watch, as he has a good feel for the game and strong foundation of skills. Caleb Pepper and Jason Hall are always hustling, paying attention, and listening to the coaches and what they are teaching. Lastly, Sam Lotzoff was recognized for his contagious attitude. Sam is always smiling, enjoying himself, and a joy to be around.

The Southfield Rookie Clinic is back in action next Tuesday, January 31st at 6:15pm inside the Franklin Athletic Club gymnasium. There are still a few spots remaining in the clinic, and next week (Tuesday 1/31) will be the last week to register for the clinic.

For more information and to register for this program, please visit the following page: Registration Information

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