Southfield Rookie Clinic Steadily Improving

November 16th, 2016

Week 5

Week 5 of our Rookie Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club in Southfield featured plenty of skill development, as the focus remained on the fundamental offensive and defensive skills necessary to play the game. Our Rookies once again arrived focused and ready to get better! Pistons Academy Coach Bryan Bollin led the young Rookies through a series of ball handling drills. He even challenged each Rookie to work on these drills a few times each week. “Many of the ball handling drills we did tonight can be done at home in the driveway, the basement, or even while watching television!” he said. “It will be great to see which Rookies really take that message to heart and put in some practice time outside of our weekly clinic.”

The Rookies also worked on several defensive drills as the coaching staff demonstrated various defensive skills. This included how to get in a proper defensive stance, how to do a defensive slide, and how to stay in proper defensive position throughout a possession. “For much of the clinic, we have focused on individual offensive skills and teaching the players how to dribble, pass, and shoot. Naturally, it is much easier for the Rookies to see why these skills are important to learn as opposed to teaching defensive skills. Our goal for tonight was to instill a defensive mindset of toughness, hustle, and determination and show the players how playing good defense can lead to the opportunity to showcase their newly acquired offensive skills,” said Coach Alex Ross.

Several players stood out on Tuesday evening. Ayal Starr and Langston Howard were quick learners on the defensive end of the floor, as they showed an impressive ability to get in a good defensive stance and slide their feet quickly while moving side to side. Andre Harris and Jordan Scott displayed a great ability to catch the ball in the triple threat position, pivot, and handle the basketball. Lastly, Matthew Ben and Christian Banks worked hard all clinic long and showed good leadership as they consistently paid attention and hustled to and from each station.

Our Rookie Clinic at Franklin Athletic Club resumes next Tuesday (11/22) at 6:15pm.

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