Southfield Rookies on the Rise

October 11th, 2017

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Week 2 of our Pistons Academy Rookie Skills Clinic, presented by Kroger, took place inside the gymnasium at Franklin Athletic Club on Tuesday evening. Following the high energy and enthusiasm from last week, the coaches thought it would be tough to top the Week 1 performance. “I was so impressed with our Rookies last week in terms of their excitement and desire to improve their skills,” said Clinic Director Bryan Bollin. “I challenged them to raise the bar even higher this week, and they did just that! We are off to a tremendous start this fall and I cannot wait to get back at it next week,” added Coach Bryan.

Tuesday evening featured a shooting demonstration, as players were taught the fundamentals of proper shooting form and technique. The coaching staff challenged the players to work on their skills outside of practice, stressing the importance of repetition and muscle-memory when it comes to being a great shooter. These Rookies were also shown the importance of shooting the ball with a nice arc, rather than on a straight line; demonstrated by Coach Bryan using an old rim, where he allowed the players to try and crawl through the hoop. Some of the Rookies were so amazed that they could actually fit through the basketball hoop! Remember: the hoop is bigger when you shoot the ball UP, not out!

Dylan SneedMichael Burley, and Calvin Stevens were named our Players of the Day for their hustle, ability to follow instructions, and leadership. They were awarded Andre Drummond posters and photos as a reward for their effort!

The Pistons Academy Rookie Skills Clinic will be back in action next Tuesday evening at Franklin Athletic Club.

Spots Available: There are only a couple spots remaining for this class. For more information or to register, please contact Bryan Bollin at

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