Spring Hoops amid Winter Snow!

April 4th, 2018


The day started out with a surprising snowfall but definitely heated up once our spring break campers started playing!

After some skill stations and a pre-season game, players continued the free-throw contest where scores went through the roof!  Currently, five players were tied for first with 17 points: Miles Johnson, Olicia Porritt, Ben Rosenfield, Antonio Simpson and Alex Valentich  Two players are close behind with 15. Click here to view: Free Throw Scores

In the afternoon, players continued their hot shooting in the 4-Ball Competition where all teams have at least one win.
NBA:  1-Celtics (3-1), 2-76ers & Pistons (2-2), Raptors (1-3)
NCAA: 1-Spartans and Loyola (3-1), 3-Wolverines & Villinova (1-3)

Players of the day were plentiful but two who caught the coaches eyes were Aaron Brayman and Jude Bialas.  Both had strong positive attitudes and played very well on the court.

From Coach Jillian:  Aaron is a third grader at BCS who has been playing basketball for about 5 years. Along with basketball he plays 3 other sports, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse. Even though he plays so many other sports he says that basketball is his favorite. He says that the things he likes most about basketball are dribbling and shooting. The reason I chose Aaron is because he is such an energetic player and he is so fun to work with!

From Coach Sammi:  I chose Jude because no matter how hard the training was today, his personality stayed amazing and positive. All day he was kind, polite and helpful. Jude is a 3rd grader from Harlan Elementary School who started playing basketball when he was 6-years-old. His biggest supporter is his father who taught him how to play the game. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are the players he admires most.

Camp will resume on Thursday with more games and contests.

Today’s impossible question.  What famous Detroit Piston went on to become Mayor of Detroit?

Write your answer down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it it in at check-in tomorrow morning.  Those with the correct answer will be entered into a drawing for some cool Pistons prizes! Be sure to write your name on it!

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