May 13th, 2020


As the spring months slowly pass us by, the Pistons Academy anxiously awaits for the green light to open camps.  Although we are hopeful, we will be making sure that every precaution is taken in order to facilitate a camp that is both safe and enjoyable.  “I have been talking with seasoned camp professionals from around the country,” said Pistons Director of Fan Development, Geo Thomas, “And almost all of us are playing a waiting game.”

The time away from the office has given the Pistons Academy Team a chance to reflect and review camp policies and procedures. “Our goal really is not different than it usually is,” said Morgan Roberts, Coordinator of Fan Development, “We want to provide a place where parents feel comfortable leaving their child for six hours.  We just need to explore new ways to do that.”

Getting a read on what parents and guardians are thinking is also important.  So the Academy sent a brief 5-question survey to all 2019 summer camp participants. Summer Camp Survey Results

Much of the summer planning revolves around basketball education and entertainment.  However, emphasis on camper and instructor safety has been added. “We are walking through a process of what a camp would need to look like in order to meet the safety guidelines set by the CDC and eventually from the Governor herself,” said Thomas, “We also asked parents what they thought about camp safety and f we can’t meet or exceed those expectations then we will not host a camp.

It is also important not to sacrifice the basketball experience that a camp delivers. “The last thing we want to do is run a camp that focuses more on distancing and hand-washing than education and entertainment,” said Pistons Director of Youth Engagement, Aaron Smith, “It is so important to keep our kids and families healthy. We want to be safe but not at the expense of having fun. That said, if restrictions make it too cumbersome on the kids, we will wait until it is safe to lift those restrictions.”

Until that time, parents and guardians can visit to view updates every Tuesday and Friday.  Or, contact Geo Thomas at

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