August 15th, 2017

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Tuesday proved to be another great day at the Ultimate Hoops Camp in Bloomfield Hills and campers began regular season in the 5-on-5 and 1-on-1 competitions.  “We have so much equal competition here this week, any camper or team can finish first or last,” said White Division Commissioner Bryan Bollin, “Anything can happen and probably will!”

In the 1-on-1 Competition, a few campers made a strong showing. The camper with the most points comes from Division 8 where 9-year-old Joey Hesano (9pts) has a 5-point lead over fellow 4th grader Bonner Upshaw.  “My game is kind of Like Kyrie Irving,” said Hesano, a first-time camper with the Academy. The closest race is in D6 where Aly Matuza, a 5th grader from Troy enjoys just a 1-point lead over Chase Rosenzweig and a 2-point lead over Hudson Rosner, a 4th grader from West Bloomfield. To view the top three players in each division, click here: 1-ON-1 Leaders

In the 5-on-5 games, many teams were recipients of buzzer beaters, incredible passing and tremendous defense. “The level of play in this camp is the best it has been all season,” said Coach Aaron Smith, “Watching these kids compete has been fun to watch. This is good basketball.” To view all the 5-on-5 standings, click here: 5-on-5 Standings

In 4-Ball, teams continued to improve on their high scores.  Of the 32 teams playing this week, 27 of them improved on their high scores today. In the Steph Curry Division, Georgetown and Florida both remain undefeated at 4-0 and will square off tomorrow afternoon! In the Klay Thompson Division, Rutgers (3-0-1) has a narrow 1pt lead over Princeton (3-1). Those two teams will also meet tomorrow afternoon. To view all the standings, click here: 4-Ball Scoresheet

In the Free-Throw Contest, three leaders have also emerged. In the Blue/White Division, Brandon Powell (14pts) has a 2-point lead over five other shooters. Powell, a 5th-grader from Allen Park, says he models his game after Larry Bird who was an 88% FT shooter and shot over 90% five times in his 13-year NBA career. In the Red Division, 10-year-old John McKany and 8-year-old Andrew Zusel lead all shooters with with 11 points. To view all the FT scores, check out these two links:  Red FT Scoresheet  /  B-W FT Scoresheet

Coach Drew, our “Pistons Academy Insider” has tracked down a few campers and one of our most popular coaches for his daily video. Check out who was profiled here: “Coach Drew’s Inside Scoop”

TUESDAY’S IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION:  Name the former Piston player who was born in Detroit, Graduated from Detroit Finney HS in 1975, played his college basketball at Robert Morris and at the University of Detroit, was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in 1979, played for the Pistons from 1983-1986 and won two NBA Championships (76ers in ’83, Rockets in ’94).

If you think you know this Detroit Legend, write his name down on a 3×5 piece of paper and you will win a Piston-autographed item at camp tomorrow! Don’t forget to turn it in at check-in tomorrow morning!

White Div Action

Red Div Double Team


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