Terrific Tuesday In Royal Oak + New Impossible Question

June 27th, 2017


The Pistons Academy Camp at Royal Oak Middle School continued in force today as 62 campers stepped up their game.  Today was the debut of regular season games and the second round of Free-Throws and 4-Ball.

In the 4-Ball Tournament, Georgetown (Captain Jaden #1 Savage” Ryke), catapulted themselves into the top three by going 3-0 on the day. Georgetown now has the second highest score of the tournament with 88.  Baylor (5-1-1) and Eastern (5-1) remain in the top three.    Here are today’s 4-Ball standings for both divisions: 4-Ball Scoresheet

The Free-Throw competition is really heating up as there remains only one more day of qualifying.  Our #1 seeds as of today are Sam Zeller (43), Ryan Meinke (38), Nicholas Ishak (35) and Taylor Vance (32).  Wednesday’s point value for shooting will be (3+3+3+3+10). The 10 point bonus ball will be the first 10-point bonus in camp history!  Check out the FT scoresheet for all the scores and the Lightning qualifiers for Thursday’s Moneyball Game.  Speaking of Moneyball, Brayden Kubicki impressed the entire camp as he hit three “double-or-nothing” shots to propel the moneyball to $120.  Free-Throw Scoresheet

Today’s camp topic of the day was respect as we discussed the importance of being respectful through listening, eye contact, proper manners and honesty.  The coaches had a difficult time choosing just one winner but in the end they made the right choice by electing Evan Stark as our Respect winner.

Tuesday’s impossible question:  “How many years did Coach Dan play high school basketball?” If you know the answer, write it down on a 3×5 piece of paper and turn it in at check-in.  Correct answers will be placed into a drawing for autographed merchandise on Wednesday afternoon.


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