July 6th, 2017

TH Ref

The Pistons Academy Camp at the Boll YMCA in Detroit continued today with more games and contests.  As well, Tobias Harris addressed the camp on many topics such as nutrition and how to properly communicate with officials.  “It was a great afternoon of basketball,” said Camp Director Geo Thomas, “We had the kids working hard and moving throughout the day and not one camper gave less than 100%.”

In the Free-Throw Competition, six players are log-jammed atop the standings with some very impressive scores.  Marcus Williams continues to lead the camp with a strong score of 24.  Dechan Owens is a close second with 23 points while Jonathan Marshall sits at 22.  Three players have a hold on the fourth and final #1 seed.  Makai Buie, Madelyn McMillan, and Lex Osborne-Adams all share a score of 21.  One of them will have a #1 seed while the other two will secure a 2-seed for the contest.  Thursday FT Standings

In 4-Ball, no movement was made in the top 3 seeds as Baylor, Duke and Louisville all have 3-1 records. Kentucky (1-2) owns the top score of 84 points.  4-Ball playoffs will be in the morning with the finals scheduled around 11:15am.  Thursday 4-Ball

5-on-5 games continued in the afternoon.  Before the games, Tobias talked about how he handles referees in the NBA.  “The referees are human too so we try to remember that as players.  The fine for every technical foul is $1500. When most players get a “T” they often say its not worth losing the money.  We had a team meeting last season and we agreed to not say anything to the referees unless it was positive.”

Some of the hardest workers today included Nova Williams and Brianna Baker.  “These two girls pushed themselves so hard, I had to choose them for our hardest workers today,” said Geo.

Tobias Harris finished the camp by making smoothies for all the campers.  “I like to eat healthy, organic-type foods that are good for my body and training,” Tobias said, “Everyone should be smart about what they put into their bodies.”


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