August 15th, 2018


The Pistons Academy Camp Tour, powered by Kroger, stops this week in Bloomfield Hills for the 16th straight summer.  This is traditionally one of the most popular summer camps with 125 kids in attendance!


It was a crazy day at the Ultimate Hoops Week Camp today as campers brought their curious level of energy and enthusiasm.  “It

The White Division All-Star 4-Ball team

The White Division All-Star 4-Ball team

was a different vibe today,” said Camp Director Aaron Smith, “The kids couldn’t keep still and wanted to really bring their hi energy both on and off the court.”

Probably most evident was the All-Star 4-Ball game where the White Division All-Stars destroyed the Coaches 137-125. “All of us were hot,” said captain Chase Tonnies, “I thought we could beat the coaches because we were all great free-throw shooters and we shot mostly from the free throw line.”  It was indeed an off-day for the coaches who have averaged 180 points per game this summer.  “We’ll be back,” said Coach Bryce, “We’ll be back!”

The 4-Ball Competition heated up as well.  There are no longer any undefeated teams and every team has at least one win.  Here are the standings: 4-Ball Standings

In the Free-Throw competition, two newcomers earned #1 seeds with their great shooting today.  Jack Adams (31pts) and Andrew Khiralla (30pts) are just a shot away from taking the lead over Merrick Michaelson and Henry Jackson, who both have 32pts.  Here are Blue & White FT Scores: FT Standings WB

5-on-5 Standings:  5-on-5 Team Standingsian

In the Red Division, there were again many fantastic moments where players really stepped up their game.  “The player I would like to recognize today is Ian (pictured at right),” said Red Division Commissioner Bethany Mac,  “Due to his performance in not one, but all of his games. Along with his incredible defense and post skills, Ian made an incredible buzzer beater, and performed a beautiful reverse layup in his last game of the day.  It was awesome!”

Ian continued having a strong day off the court with his hustle and positive attitude

Red Division FT Contest:  Red Div FT Scores


Who has played the most games in a Pistons uniform?

Turn in your answers at check-in tomorrow.  Be sure to write it on a 3×5 piece of paper and include your name!


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