Winter League Roundup (Jan. 29-Feb. 1)

February 5th, 2020

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Wednesday, January 29th, Franklin Athletic Club

BOX SCORES & STANDINGS – Southfield (Jan. 29-Feb. 1)

WIZARDS 18, LAKERS 2: The Lutz brothers, Bennett and Landon, combined for 10 points in the Wizards season opening victory over the Lakers.

SUNS 20, HORNETS 16: Cayden Atisha scored a game-high 10 points and James Ghedotte added 4 points for the Suns, who opened the season with a competitive victory over the Hornets. Levi Raimi scored 7 points for the Hornets and Bryson Harper added 6 points.

Thursday, January 30th, Franklin Athletic Club

SPURS 22, CELTICS 20: Isaac Miller scored a game-high 16 points, but it wasn’t quite enough for the Celtics who lost a heart breaker on opening night. A competitive game throughout, the Spurs made a few more plays down the stretch to earn the win. Ryder Fenton scored 10 points and Darius Ford and William Michael each added 4 points for the Spurs.

CAVS 14, WARRIORS 12: Jackson Drelles and Trevor Shapiro each netted 4 points for the Cavs, who won a nail-biter over the Warriors on Thursday. Jordan Rodriguez and Hayden Bender each scored 3 points for the Warriors.

HEAT 14, ROCKETS 13: Ayal Starr (6 points) and Brady Smith (5 points) led the way for the Heat on Thursday. Jonah Tigay and Asher Zekman each scored 4 points for the Rockets.

Saturday, February 1st, Franklin Athletic Club

BOX SCORES & STANDINGS – Southfield (Jan. 29-Feb. 1)

VIKINGS 15, BEARS 11: In a defensive battle, the Vikings (2-0) found a rhythm in the second half and took down the Bears for their 2nd consecutive victory. Matthew Ben, Ryder Hake and Cruz Scheinfield each scored 4 points for the Vikings. Jaylen Williams (5 points) and Mario Wilson Jr. (4 points) paced the Bears (0-2), who showed great improvement defensively in their 2nd contest.

MUSTANGS 24, WOLVES 15: The Mustangs (2-0) jumped out to a big lead for the 2nd straight week and held off the Wolves (0-2) for the win. Charles Nobis and Drew Zusel each scored a team-high 8 points for the Mustangs. Bryan Bradford played well for the Wolves, scoring 6 points in the 2nd half and leading a second half attack that saw the Wolves outscore the Mustangs 12-9.

Saturday, February 1st

BOX SCORES & STANDINGS – Birmingham (Jan. 31-Feb. 1)

FALCONS 14, RAVENS 7: Miles Trice scored 8 points and Liam Cotant added 4 points for the Falcons. Nathaniel Peard scored 4 points for the Ravens.

RAIDERS 17, WARRIORS 14: Will Bernat knocked down 6 points and Isaac Robles added 3 points for the Raiders, who took down Nico Croft (6 points) and a tough Warriors’ team on Saturday.

CHARGERS 39, KNIGHTS 11: The Chargers erupted for 39 points on Saturday. Ziv Ferber scored 13 points and Grant Valentine chipped in 10 points. Miles Moss played a strong game for the Chargers, scoring 8 points, and they look like a top team in the Birmingham Prep Division. William Smidt led the Knights with 4 points.

Saturday, February 1st

BOX SCORES & STANDINGS – Birmingham (Jan. 31-Feb. 1)

BRONCOS 28, GRIZZLIES 8: Hudson Rosner scored a game-high 14 points for the Broncos (2-0). The Grizzlies, who were missing several key players, were led by Luke Vaughn (4 points).

CHIPPEWAS 31, HUSKIES 23: The Chippewas improved to 2-0 on the season behind Drew Heckman (13 points) and Wally Ulmer (10 points). Meyer Saperstein scored a game-high 14 points in the Huskies’ defeat.

CYCLONES 27, TIGERS 17: Jordan Webley paced the Cyclones with 9 points, while Jordan Scott and Sam Salinas each added 7 points. Luca DeAngelis scored 7 points for the Tigers and Everett Wertz added 5 points.

WOLVERINES 25, SPARTANS 23 (OT): In a thrilling game to finish Saturday’s slate, the Wolverines took down the Spartans in overtime. Ari Ellis (7 points) and Will Zelenock (6 points) led the Wolverines. Kiefer Hornyak scored 14 points for the Spartans.

Saturday, February 1st

BOX SCORES & STANDINGS – Birmingham (Jan. 31-Feb. 1)

HEAT 38, CELTICS 31: Benjamin Schwartz had a huge game with 21 points, leading the Heat to an impressive victory over a tough Celtics team. Brett Krauss (10 points) and David Moulder (8 points) paced the Celtics. The Heat overcame a 10-point halftime deficit to win by 7.

CAVS 40, SPURS 30: Grant Supancich and Parker Levin each had 12 points for the Cavs, while Rocco DeAngelis added 11 points, as the Cavs took down the Spurs for the season-opening win. Alex Hesano scored 12 points and Jared Tobias added 11 points for the Spurs.

PISTONS 40, LAKERS 17: Nate Lucken scored a game-high 16 points and Matthew Erne and Brady Glime each added 8 points, giving the Pistons the opening weekend victory.

WARRIORS 36, HORNETS 26: Jack Lewis and Finn Sparby each scored 10 points, with Luke Wanecek adding 9 points for the Warriors. The Hornets were led by Brandon Brown’s 19 points.

Friday, January 31st

LIBERTY 16, MERCURY 10: The Mercury entered the first game of the season with a lot of determination and heart, led by their leaders Vanessa Husband (6 points), Elizabeth Fikany (4 rebounds) and Willa Davis (4 points).  However, they faced a tough offensive minded opponent in the Liberty, who’s offense looked to be in mid-season form with multiple players scoring their first baskets of the season.  Led by their point guard Mallory Killian (6 points) and FNL rookie Isabel Rothschild (8 points), the Liberty took a commanding lead in the first half that helped secure their first win.

LYNX 16, STORM 4: The Lynx started the game with a quick 6-0 lead, scored by their “Three to See” comprised of Ede Van Hoof (6 points), Perla Harati (5 steals & 6 rebounds) and Zoey Hill (2 points), and never relinquished the lead. However, the Storm fought hard and ended the game on a 4-0 run in the last 3 minutes behind their leaders Savannah Astras (2 points), Mia Carlson (2 points) and Charlotte Gress (3 rebounds).


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